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Tanner Hall

So way back in 2007-08 i was a senior at RISD.  It just so happened that there was a movie being filmed  nearby by two Brown alumni- Tatiana Von Furstenberg and Francesca Gregorini, and they were looking for help in the costume department.  (btw that is DVF's daughter and the stepdaughter of Ringo Starr) I jumped at the chance and ended up helping out with a few things.  The main thing i did was make a pizza cape. Yes, thats right a cape the shape of a slice of pizza with oversized toppings.  It was a fun little side project to do in the midst of a very crazy senior year and i was anxious of course to see the movie and catch a glimpse of the cape in action!  Much to my dismay Tanner Hall's release date on IMDB didn't change from unannounced until last year when it debuted at a few independent film festivals and word around the internet is that the only reason it actually got to DVD is because the lead actress is Rooney Mara- who was unknown until her role in the girl with the dragon tattoo.  So last week via Netflix it arrived in my mailbox, I have to be honest i read so many bad reviews on it that i mostly fast forwarded to the carnival scene when i knew i could catch a glimpse of my cape in action, and seriously the below picture is the best shot in the whole scene.  Sad but true.  But more exciting than that- my name in the credits! :)  Cheers!

That's a black olive on his shoulder :) and the start of a green pepper...

and finally...

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