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a Weekend in the Windy City

About a week ago Matt and i jetted off to the windy city.  It was the first time we had taken a trip together without Max.  My dad and stepmom were amazing and came to our house and watched him.  It was clear i didn't need to worry about him at all because he had a blast, he was actually pretty upset when they left. poor kid stuck with only mom and dad now...  Here's a little recap of our little getaway. 

 We had a crazy cab driver, who despite his "Gods Army" baseball cap and scripture plastered cab was actually pretty rude...

 We enjoyed Millenium Park, especially Anish Kapoor's bean.

We ate really good food. These pictures are the night we splurged and went to North Pond.  It was delicious, and yes i know our anniversary isn't until June but we know we won't be going anywhere then so this was an early 5 year anniversary trip, so when i called and made a reservation and they asked if i was celebrating anything i said yes. :)

 We went on two architectural tours, which were fabulous!  One was walking and then the second was a river cruise tour, both by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

We ate Chicago deep dish pizza...

And stayed in this really really cool hotel.  It's called the Public.

We had our fair share of morning baked goods...

This one is called Floriole 

We went shopping. We loved the Wicker Park area and all their unique shops including vintage/antique to cool new trendy boutiques. 

 Matt got a new hat.

 And we had some really great tacos at Big Star.

The tulips were blooming all over the city and they were just gorgeous!

For breakfast on our second day we ventured to milk & honey cafe.  Seriously one of the best breakfasts i've had in a long time.  Orange Brioche French Toast- enough said :)

 We did some more shopping around.

 We had sandwiches on pretzel rolls at Hanna's Bretzel.

 and had a true cafeteria experience at Manny's.

We saw impressive works of art at the Art Institute of Chicago.

 And we couldn't leave town without having a cupcake :)

It was a great weekend to say the least. :)

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