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Bathroom Shelves

So i've been wanting to get organized around here.  What's new?... However its kind of a necessity considering that my guest bedroom is now going to become Max's room and all the crap i have stuffed in there has to find a home.  Most of the stuff that found itself hiding in the guest room came from the adorable ladder shelves i had in my living room that had to come down because of a certain little person wanting to rip everything down.  After spending an embarrassing amount of time on pinterest i found a few different inspiration images that prompted me to prompt my husband to build some shelves over the toilet in our half bath downstairs.  They turned out great and i can't wait to do them in our master bath once its been repainted (which has to get done soon also).  They are the perfect spot for my cake stand & milk glass collections and other cute things that were displayed in the living room.  

All we did was use a piece of wood that was 8" wide and 1" thick and cut it to the length of the wall.  We used a 2"x1" under it on the sides of the wall to act as the support and then a decorative piece of trim went on the front to make it look pretty. We painted them white before we put them up, and i still need to go back and touch up where the nails went in. The air powered nail gun was the essential tool used, if you dont have one of those puppies they are worth the money if you like to do diy projects, we've used it a lot.   

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