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Love Her Mother

Today i am so grateful to be a mom.  I am grateful for a wonderful husband who is so great, a fun and happy son and a beautiful daughter soon to be here.  What a great day :)

Today in church one of the talks was based on Elaine S Dalton's talk in the last general conference.  You can read the whole thing HERE, but below is one of my favorite quotes from it, so true.  
"So how do you raise a girl? Love her mother. Lead your family to the temple, be guardians of virtue, and magnify your priesthood. Fathers, you have been entrusted with our Heavenly Father’s royal daughters. They are virtuous and elect. It is my prayer that you will watch over them, strengthen them, model virtuous behavior, and teach them to follow in the Savior’s every footstep" Elaine S. Dalton

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