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35 Weeks

Here is a 35 week photo, in all its glory.  May i vow to myself to never be pregnant again during the summer...  I just needed to put that out there in writing.  It's been a deathly hot summer, like triple digits more days that i've ever remembered.  of course.  I have been really bad about recording this pregnancy, probably because i'm chasing around a 1 year old.  But regardless i should have been better.    So here's a few tid bits.  

- I am shocked at how different this pregnancy is from the 1st.  Yes its a girl, but i don't really think its the fact that its a different gender- maybe it is, but i think its just different.  She is breach- so i'm hoping she turns soon.  She is on the smaller side so they are having me do ultrasounds every week, and my body just hurts more all around.

-  I have eaten enough Nutella for a lifetime.

- I keep waking up at like 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep so a few times i have gotten up and done projects, which really isn't a good idea because by the time my son gets up at 7 i am ready for a nap!

- I am all about organizing.  I have been pulling out every closet and cleaning out and getting rid of so much stuff.  

-All around i'm not as emotionally or mentally worried about the pregnancy as i was last time, which is pretty normal since i've been through it all before, but physically it has been so much harder because i do have a 1 year old to take care of and its summer which seems to be harder as well.  but it has gone by SO much faster! 

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

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