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San Diego

Hi Friends.
I realize its been a month since i last blogged.  what have i been doing with my life? oh yeah feeding a baby every 3 hours :)  which by the way isn't she adorable.  totally worth every last sleep deprived minute.  Speaking of sleep deprivation i got a little break last weekend, wait, who am i kidding it was a HUGE break.

Basically i have this great friend here in KC whose husband ended up not being able to go with her on a trip to San Deigo for a wedding she was going to be in and so to make a long story short- i went with her instead.  It was totally last minute- obviously i would have never planned to take a trip when i had a 5 week old, and the original plan was to take miss June with me. Then i started having second thoughts about taking an infant to the beach and also realized i had enough milk frozen to leave her with dad.  So i asked Matt if he would mind- and being the AMAZING husband he is, he said i could go alone, and he would keep the babies.  I totally fought the mom guilt train for the whole morning when i was making the decision, but after a much needed chat with my sister-in-law i let the guilt go and decided i really wanted to go on a girls vaca, alone and that it was OK to want to do that.  Do you ever fight that mom-guilt?! Seriously though, it was the best decision ever.  An almost even better treat was every time i called home and expected Matt to be at his wits end he was cheerful and totally un-fazed, WOW i mean i knew i married a great dad but seriously this guy wins every dad award there is, and then when i got home he remarked "it really wasn't bad with both of them"-  and remember she is 5 weeks- waking up at least 1x a night! I Love him to say the least.  :)  Here's a little recap of the trip.  Oh and did i mention SD is like my fav place ever?! We got married there 5 years ago...

 The rehearsal dinner was at this awesome restaurant on the top of the hotel La Jolla called Cusp, the groom actually is the GM of it.  The pic below is of the lobby of the hotel, super cool modern.
 Centerpiece at Cusp.  I wish i had taken pictures of the food because it was amazing.
 So the day of the wedding i went and met an amazing friend for lunch- you should check out Meg's blog because she's a super mom.  On my way back to the wedding i went to this place called dry bar.  Believe it or not its a salon that all they do is wash and dry and fix hair.  Blowouts are what the trendy set call them... Only in california, right?! Oh and i guess they have them now in NYC as well.  It was fun though, i could totally get used to someone else doing my hair every once in a while!

The wedding & reception were so pretty.  Lindsay looked fabulous- everything was perfect.

 i loved her hair!
 head table
We did a lot of eating, a lot of good food.
my breakfast burrito at Isabel's Cantina
 We laid on the beach and it was heavenly.
 Carnitas Snack Shack
This place was so delicious and just in case you don't know carnitas means pork in spanish- i thought it was tacos so when i asked if they were the pork tacos the lady laughed at me.  live and learn...

 The Hash House
Seriously the most ridiculous portion sizes you have ever seen in your life.  Good food none the less.

 Sprinkles Cupcakes.
enough said :)

Its a chain that is so good that the thought has crossed my mind to open up a franchise in KC.

One of my favorite things about traveling is coming home.  Its amazing how re-energized and refreshed i get.  I have a lot of ideas and crazy goals about to happen- so stay tuned because there is a lot to come.  
Oh and on a side note how awesome is it to have fall TV back, i wish i was one of those people who didn't watch TV- i used to be, but who am i kidding i laughed harder last night at the two episodes of the new girl than i have in forever.  Schmidt is awesome. :)

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