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31 Days of Play

So if you read my post about my California trip i mentioned that when i go on vacation i get a huge burst of energy to make new goals and all around be a better me.  When i was away this time i started thinking about ways to have more fun with Max.  I decided to challenge myself to play with him everyday in the month of October, and not just in our normal sit on the floor and build with blocks for the millionth time.  I wanted to be more creative and come up with (search pinterest for) new ways to play with him.  Below is my list of ideas so far and most of them i have found from other awesome blogger moms- you can see the links if you go to my pinterest board for kids HERE.  So will you join me in 31 days of play? 

1.Make a really cool blanket fort
2.Masking tape car tracks all over upstairs
3.Tap Dancing with washers taped to shoe bottoms
4. Play basketball with a multiple boxes, containers, etc
5. Playing with Play dough- use cookie cutters, blocks, and other toys to cut out/ print into, etc.
6. Jello Sensory Tub
7.Soap Flakes Tub
8.Finger & Brush painting with homemade edible paint
9. Painting with colored water & turkey baster
10. Paint with water and adult painting supplies on deck- roller, brushes, roller tray
11. Make elephant toothpaste/foam experiment
12. Sensory Tub with Oats & measuring cup
13. Bean Bag Toss
14. Cloud dough
15. Color sorting games
16. Shredded paper sensory tub
17. Bulls-eye bowling in upstairs hallway with masking tape
18. Color mixing with water and food coloring in plastic cups
19. Hide the Bear- hide an object and then use hot & cold to help find it
20. Sort the silverware game
21. Golf Ball Games- Put them in muffin tins, other games
22. Sensory tub with rice

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