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Costumes, A History

So i have been trying to figure out what we are going to be next week for Halloween.  I'm having a hard time- think because i've been super distracted with Holiday Mart that finished last week and this weekend i'm in charge of our church fall party.  Needless to say i still haven't figured it out.  However i did start thinking back on all our costumes in the past- Matt and i have dressed up every year we have been together (other than the very first halloween 2005- we weren't in the same town that year) I thought it would be fun to print out these and all future costume photos, frame them, and bring them out every year with the Halloween decor.  I think it will be something fun for the kids to look at over the years.  Here's our history in pictures...

Mouse & Mousetrap, 2006

 Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man, 2007

 McSteamy & Gray, 2008

Facebook, 2009

 A Baker & Bun in the Oven, 2010

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato, 2011

Stay tuned to see what 2012 holds! P.S if you have any great ideas for a 4 person group please comment!

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