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Goodbye Blonde

Sometimes you just need a change.  Am I right?  I've known for a long time that my M.O is  to constantly switch things up- i was notorious for re-arranging my room when i was younger and i had a minor anxiety attack my freshman year of college when my room-mate wouldn't let me rearrange our dorm.  So as it goes i've been feeling like i needed a new do, and since this whole mom thing takes up a lot of time and i neither have the time nor money to get my hair cut & colored every 4 weeks, and that's the amount of time it took for darker than dark roots to start showing up, i made a big change.  I have to give props to my hair genius of stylist Jackie, she's awesome and it feels great!  I kind of feel like i'm wearing a disguise, which is kind of fun.  All i know is that switching it up every once in a while does a lot for my mood.  Now on to repainting my entire main floor.... :)

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