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Playing is fun.

So i've been trying to play with Max more.  I realized just now after i uploaded these photos that although they were on different days,  Max is wearing the same shirt so it looks like the same day! ha!  i guess i like this shirt :)  I thought both of these were really fun- the first was "painting" with water on our deck.  He didn't really end up painting as much as just playing with water but i think it captivated his attention for a good amount of time because the "toys" were foreign- a paint roller, a paint brush and  the paint tray. 

This second activity was pretty fun too.  I put a whole tub of oats out for him to play in with measuring cups and other toys hidden in the oats.  He played with the oats in the tub for a few minutes but quickly dumped them out and then had fun pushing them around on our deck which made it look like it snowed oats underneath. :) 

What are your favorite activities with your kids?

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