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My Beauty Besties

I'm the first one to admit that i hate to spend money on makeup and skincare/beauty products, there is just something about spending $50 on such a small item that never makes me feel all that happy.  It's totally ridiculous since beauty products give much more than their tiny little size indicates and i dont blink an eye at spending the same amount of money on cute fabric that half of the time ends up sitting in my craft closet for longer than i'd like to admit.  I thought i would devote a post to the few beauty items i have come to love and don't mind spending on.

First up is the wash cycle-- i have been using the purity cleanser by philosophy for a while.  In my opinion its a mild wash that takes the day away or paired with cold water wakes you up and gets you ready for a new day.  Recently i was turned on to the Muvazi skincare system and i have been impressed with their products, i alternate purity wash with Muvazi's foaming cleanser & toner that also is light and fresh with an added bonus of a fresh citrus scent.  It makes for a great morning routine.

Here is the entire Muvazi skin care system.  My favorite item from the line is the moisturizer.  It has the same fresh citrus scent as the foaming wash, its light but yet thick enough to make my dry skin feel hydrated.  I'm a little bit of a moisturizer snob, a few years ago i started using La Mer, it was probably the worst gift my mother ever gave me because i loved it so much and as a young newlywed my husband thought i was out of my mind to want to spend $150 on an ounce of face "lotion".  Well as you can probably guess i didn't keep up that habit and i'll tell you i have missed a luxurious moisturizer for a while now. Drugstore brands just aren't the same.  I'm telling you my face feels just as lovely as it once did with La Mer as it now does with the Muvazi Intra-Cellular Moisturizer and its only $33.95, a price i can live with! :)

What are your favorite beauty products? Has anything changed your life??!

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