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So in case you weren't aware Easter is on March 31st this year which means that when the month that i normally think of celebrating the occasion (April) arrives the event will already have come and gone. So I decided to forgo decorating or really celebrating St.Patricks day (we aren't irish and i've never really understood that holiday anyway) and start making some cute easter decorations.  Between last night and this afternoon i made the embroidery floss eggs, which i strung as a garland and then made the bunny silhouettes and used frames i already had lying around.  I decided to opt for a neutral color palette for Easter- greens and blues and neutrals and i have another wreath project up my sleeve i hope to get working on soon.  

The egg project was pretty simple, but super messy.  I used THIS tutorial, and pretty much everything she said is accurate.  I will say i wish i had made my floss less wet with the stiffener mixture as i placed them on the balloons because i had a lot of white hard crusty pieces in the negative space that i had to scrape out after they dried.  Also i just used regular balloons and only blew them up a little bit.  After i strung my garland i had a few extra eggs so i placed some on my entry table and a few on my shelves in little cups.  I really love how they turned out.  

For my bunny silhouette i just used my awesome Cameo and bought THIS shape from the silhouette store, cut it out on black card stock, gluestick-ed it on to cream color card stock and bam, done! I have been compiling a lot of inspiration for Easter HERE in my pinterest board.  What do you do for Easter? have any favorite crafts or traditions? 

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