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Max is 2!

On February 17th our Max Man turned 2, can you believe that?! i swear that happened way to fast.  We had planned to have his birthday party this morning, and then snowmaggedon happened in KC and we had to either cancel or postpone- honestly he's 2 and doesn't even know what a party is and so i took the snow storm as a easy way out and decided to just cancel. Call me a bad mom, but it was little bit of a relief, however i had already designed some really cute things for his train party you can see those below, i thought i should at least share them on here since i took the time to make them! :) On his birthday he woke up to the new birthday banner that i made, presents and french toast and after dinner that evening we had mini chocolate cakes (bad mom forgot to take a pic).  His birthday fell on a Sunday so for church he donned his new rag&bone cardigan that dad has as well- they looked adorable matching even if his isn't really going to fit him for another year... 

Our new birthday banner that i plan to make a tradition and bring it out for every birthday, i made one that says June as well :)

Here are my party printables that i never ended up using :(

Cupcake Toppers

Chalkboard sign to go on the doors to the room where we were having the party

Favor sign for the train whistles that i bought

And a large poster to go behind the food table

Sign to go on the outside door to the building

And i couldn't resist putting up a pic of this cute little JuneBug... 

If you are in Kansas City i hope you are staying warm and enjoying a few snow days!

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