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Ethnic food for us!

We really like to try new restaurants, and if they are cool small locally owned joints they get bonus points in our book.  Last week we tried two new places that i thought worthy to share and spread the word about.  I'm also a fan of groupon and both of these places we tried out because we had groupons for them.

1. Saffron Indian   We really like indian food- chicken korma might be one of my all time favorite meals, and add some freshly baked Naan- yum!  So when the Saffrom groupon came up i nabbed it not only because it was an indian restaurant but it's less than a few miles from our house.  We frequent Swagat which is in zona rosa, and its good, but i was willing to give another local indian place a shot.  Well last night when i got home from TOFW i was really not in the mood to cook so i called them to see if i could use my groupon on a to go order and they said yes.  I placed my order and drove over to pick it up after stopping at a red box.  Dinner and a movie at home for us!  Now i'm not gonna like i was actually nervous to eat my order because when i picked it up there was only 2 people dining in at 7:45 on a Saturday night.  only 2 people?!  it's a small restaurant in kind of an awkward location and it is new, so i was thinking that either they are serving some form of food poisoning and i would be up all night puking my guts out or they just were struggling to get their footing as a new place.  Hoping with all that i might that it was the latter i gave a decent tip because in all honestly i felt really bad they didn't have more patrons and went home to eat.  Well i am very very happy to report that their food is SO good.  Matt and i both felt that it was as good if not better than swagat and we would happily eat there again.  The inside of the restaurant definitely leaves a lot to be desired, but the prices are less than swagat and lets be honest, they need your business, so give um a try!  We ordered Chicken Korma & Chicken Tikka Masala and an order of Naan, loved it all.

2. Nica's 320.  I have to say i probably never would have gone here without the groupon, when you look at the menu it looks like a creole/cajun style restaurant, which it is in a sense, and that's one cuisine that i'm not too fond of- i don't love spicy food.  However i was pleasantly surprised.  Nica's is in the cross-roads right across the street from LuLu's noodles, and it's more of an "international" menu than just creole or cajun- there are mexican, thai and caribbean influences in the very creative menu.  We started with the 'I am Smokey' Tamale which came with a thai flavored slaw and cinnamon black beans- it was a good start and then our entree's came- Matt ordered the 'Dr.John' risotto, which in our opinion really should be called a jambalaya not a risotto, but either way it was good. I ordered the BBQ sesame salmon salad which was delicious.  Whenever we have a groupon we tend to spend just as much money as if we didn't have the groupon because we order apps and dessert, which is exactly why lost of money-savers dont fool with groupons, alas i am not the best saver. Anyhow we ordered dessert and i am SOOOO glad we did.  Seriously i think we might just go back for dessert- we got the bourbon bread pudding and it was ahhhhhh-mazing.  I didn't snap a photo, but just take my word for it, you need to go try it.  they also had beignets which i would love to try as well, with an order of the bread pudding of course :)  

my salmon salad
 Matt's 'Dr.John' Risotto
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