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10 months

Our Junebug is 10 months old! I can hardly believe it.  She is an active little girl, crawling everywhere and jibber jabbering the whole way.  She loves her big brother and loves to scream out to him and loves it when he talks back to her.  They started a game in the car where she yells at him, he yells back and then it keeps going with laughter in between the screeches.  I love that they are already becoming close.  She started sleeping through the night about 2 weeks ago and it has made my days infinitely better :) She has 4 teeth and big bright blue eyes.  She is a content baby happy to watch whats going on around her most of the time, which is nice since we go to the park or other places for Max to play and she is happy to sit in her stroller and watch.  She is pulling up on everything lately so i'm sure walking is not to far off.  We love our little bug and all the she adds to our family.  

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