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Burgers Burgers Burgers Oh My!

This week we are in Nashville visiting my family and having lots of summer fun.  Last night i met my brother at a local burger spot here called the Pharmacy and it reminded me that i still needed to blog about my favorite burger spot in KC- blanc.  We went to blanc last week for a farewell girls night out for a good friend of mine, whom i'm going to miss so much!  

We have been patrons of blanc for 5 years now and taken lots of out of town guests to enjoy their tasty burgers. I really loved the small westport location but i think the move to the plaza was wise considering how much  more space they have inside and a decent patio.  I've also been to the Leawood location and it delivers the same modern fun decor that the plaza location has.  Their housemade ketchup is delicious and you can now get it in a bottle at local grocery stores!  The truffle fries are delish but my favorite are the sweet potato fries not to mention they arrive in the most adorable miniature shopping cart that makes them all the better.  I've had many of their burgers and i highly recommend the curried lentil burger, a veggies burger at it's best, the inside out burger with steam hot blue cheese pouring out onto your plate and last week i had the all american kobe that has bacon jam, garlic aioli and smoked gouda on it- i added a fried egg for good measure and enjoyed every last bite, it was the best burger i have had in a while.  Blanc is a fun destination in Kansas City, if you haven't tried it, GO! :)

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The Pharmacy is a really cool spot in East Nashville that serves locally sourced hamburgers on wonderful locally made buns.  They have a great patio and housemade sodas which i'm wishing i would have tried!  i did however get the farm burger which was really really good it comes with TN beef, tripp country ham, emerald glen farm bacon, a friend willow farm egg and maple mustard.
If you are in Nashville give the Pharmacy a try, and if its not blazing hot sit on the patio. 

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