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Photography 101

I have decided to make a real effort to improve my photography this year and so i took my friend Tara's advice and signed up for the online photography 101 class through Nicole's classes.  Last week was my first week and so far i love the layout of the class.  They have their own app that you download onto your computer- it has all your coursework videos and text and then a gallery section where you upload your homework/photos for the week and then the teacher comments on your photos.  In the gallery section you can also see the others in the class and their photos and make comments on them.  It was so funny a friend of mine that recently moved to Utah texted me and asked if i was in the class because she saw my name in the gallery list! What a small world that we both are taking the same class and now we get to give feedback on each others photos.  Here are my photos i took last week. I am super proud that they were all taken in Manual! I normally shoot in program mode or aperture priority, and it helps that i have super cute subjects to shoot. :)

We went out with Milli & Travis on Friday night and they were nice enough to model for me :)

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