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Port Fonda

Memorial day weekend my dad, stepmom & sister were in town for the holiday as well as for Matt's 30th (post on that still to come) and we had a few different new adventures in KC, one of which was a stop for dinner at Port Fonda.  This new cool taqueria started as a food truck and now serves their beloved rustic mexican cuisine in the heart of Westport.  It's kind of funny because their location used to be one of my favorite smoothie places that moved down south, so seeing the same location completely transformed into this cool new restaurant was fun.  The food was good, i especially loved their house made chips and guacamole, and all the entrees were very tasty.  I think they are known for their specialty alcoholic drinks, so if you do drink its probably a great place to try, my stepmom got the sangria and said it was great.  Overall i think its a really cool spot in KC, and although i think you have to be a hipster to work there it was nice to see that not everyone dining was quite as cool, especially since we had 2 small children with us.  :) 

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