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Smithville Lake Day

 Yesterday we went with friends up to Smithville lake, it was such a fun summer day with friends!  We went to Camp Branch Beach which has a medium-ish size beach area with sand and is awesome for kids.  We had a pretty large group and it was super fun to hang out with friends and let the kids play in the sand and water.  Max is a pretty brave little swimmer with his puddle jumper on (which is an awesome vest for a toddler if you are in the market to get one) he went out pretty quickly and wanted to go get the big orange balls.  As you can imagine i was chasing him down in the water trying to get him to stay somewhat close to the beach.  I swear he has no fear, just like his dad! He is such a little fish we were one of the last families to leave and he crashed in the car less than 2 minutes after pulling out of the parking lot.  We will definitely be going back this summer at least a few more times.

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