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The Farmhouse

 A few weeks ago we went to The Farmhouse for the first time.  It's been on my list to try for a while now, i love the entire city market area and every time i drive by the farmhouse it reminds me that i haven't tried it!  If i was to give stars i would give it a 3 out of 5.  It was good but not outstanding and for the price i think i wished it would have been more outstanding.  My favorite thing that we ordered was the cheese plate.  We love cheese plates and if there is one offered on the menu, chances are we order it.  This cheese plate was pretty exceptional with local cheese from green dirt farm and accompaniments with each different cheese.  Then we moved onto my salad and Matt ordered the special kale soup, which he thought was pretty disgusting.  He kept eating it and said that as he neared the end it had grown on him, but i dont really think i want to pay money for something that has to grow on me as i shovel it down.  :)  Our entrees were good- Matt got the steak and i got salmon, they both were good, like i said, just not outstanding.  The atmosphere was fun and they get some brownie points for having a "mocktail" section on their drink menu; we ordered a hibiscus lemonade as well as a lavender lemonade which were served in mason jars, loved them both.  I know other people who love the farmhouse so i might be willing to give it a second shot, so give it a try if you feel like sampling local fare.

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