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The Local Pig

It's not secret that we love to explore our city and a few weeks ago we ventured to a local butcher shop.  The local pig is a true neighborhood feeling hipster cool butcher shop where you can get house made sausages and any meat you can think of from pork (of course) to beef, lamb and rabbit that are all raised sustainably on local farms.  After you find this hidden gem, and i do mean hidden because it is in the most awkward location i have ever ventured to in KC- and thats saying a lot, you are sure to be entranced by the butchers sawing away at full animals on their tables just beyond the cash register.  We purchased a few sausages that happen to be in my freezer for a pizza i'm planning to make and a few breakfast pies that we ate the following morning and they were good.  As i was just perusing their website i noticed they have a butcher's box where you can pay for a weekly subscription of 5 lbs of meet with accompaniments, it sounds like a fun idea.  I highly recommend you stop by the local pig, if we had not already made dinner reservations for later that evening i would have tried a sandwich from their food truck at the side of the building, the menu looked tempting! So get out, explore Kansas City in this fabulous weather we are having. 

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