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fun on the 4th!

 We had a great 4th of July.  We spent the morning at the pool in our neighborhood with friends and then after naps we joined our friends again for a BBQ at their place and enjoyed yummy food & fireworks.  Max thought the fireworks were pretty awesome and i was surprised out how well June did considering how loud the fireworks were, but she just hung out in her stroller and watched everything that was going on.  As Max gets older its super fun to see him discover things, he loved running around with all the kids at the BBQ and he especially loved seeing the fireworks in the sky.  When we left to go home there were fireworks going off all around us as we drove up the freeway and he kept pointing each time he saw a new one and yelling "Fireworks! Mom! More Fireworks!"

I love the fourth of July, its such a fun holiday and a great time to reflect on how lucky and blessed i am to live in this country. I hope you all had an enjoyable 4th too!

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