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Husk Nashville

So when we were in Nashville last week it was my dad's birthday.  He was super excited to go to this new restaurant Husk- he even made reservations like a month in advance because it's that difficult to get a table. It just opened in May on Rutledge hill by a james beard award winning chef. Featuring locally grown ingredients, on their website it says "If it doesn't come from the south, it's not coming through the door."   As you can see in the photo below they even line the front sidewalk with rosemary plants to season their dishes with.  

I enjoyed the food, it was super unique- we ordered some crazy sounding appetizers including bone marrow, cripsy pig ears and fried chicken skins; i had the vegetable plate for my entree which was good, Matt and Michelle made the best choice with the steak which was delicious and my dad had the grouper which he said he enjoyed.  I always give bonus points to restaurants that have cool drinks that are not alcoholic and Husk offered four rare bottled sodas, i had the Ale 8-1 and Matt enjoyed the Nehi grape soda.  Overall it was unique, creative, and tasty, however i did have a few problems with the restaurant.  First we unfortunately came the night after a pipe burst and the air conditioning was not functioning in our dining room- it seemed to be working fine in the rest of the historic home turned restaurant, but our room was 82 degrees, as confirmed by the thermostat on the wall right next to us.  It was pretty uncomfortable, they even offered us free dessert which we turned down because we were so hot we just wanted to get out of there!  but hey i'm sure it was just a random problem that will of course get fixed.  

My second critique is the decor, i know this shouldn't be that big of a deal but i'm a designer and i judge a restaurant from food to decor and it should all be cohesive, Husk was so disconnected in my opinion.  It's in a historic home that they renovated, from the pictures on their blog they designed it from scratch and when you enter there is a glass sculpture fixture, similar to a chihuly it may even be a chilhuly, silver-ish walpaper that reminded me of a hotel and overall a very modern theme.  I don't have a problem with modern decor for a chic new restaurant, but you would expect your food to come out fancily plated on nice white dishes.  Well this is where the disconnect comes in- the tables are gorgeous reclaimed wood, the dishes are what looked like handmade ceramic and other menu items came out on gorgeous thick wood plates that looked like tree trunks.  From their logo, to the plating and food i felt like they were totally going for the modern farmhouse feel that is so current right now, honestly i felt like husk was really similar to rye in kansas city that we had eaten at a week earlier and could totally take notes on how they translated their food to their entire restaurant, including decor.  

My advice is if you are an adventurous eater and you're willing to indulge food and budget-wise go to Husk.  I'm sure the air conditioning will be working and the decor wont bother you as much as it did me :) 

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