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Latin Bistro

I don't know about you but i have more than my fair share of expired groupons, i hate that i forget about them! I guess the good news is that the value you paid for them never expires so you can still get your moneys worth.  Latin Bistro is one of those groupons that i bought and never did make it to on time and it's a shame i didn't make it here sooner because its wonderful!  I'm not gonna lie the location is terrible and the decor is kitchy and somewhat cheesey, but none of it really bothered me because the whole restaurant has an endearing quality about it.  I mean how can you dislike a place where you can see the chef making your food and when he gets a break he comes in to the middle of the restaurant to toast his guests, thank you all for coming and tell you that you are his friends.  Chef Tito is by no means a behind the scenes type of chef, his picture is plastered to the front sign, the street sign, the menus and there is even a cardboard cutout when you walk in and even with all this self-promotion i still found him really friendly and enjoyable.  

As for the food we were impressed.  The salsa and chips were great and then our entrees were fabulous.  Matt and i both opted for seafood on the last page of the menu where you choose your fish and then your cooking style, we took the servers recommendations and we were glad we did.  I ordered the grouper A La Veracruzana which is braised in a tomato and white wine sauce with onion, green pepper, capers, green olives, and raisins and Spanish herbs and spices and Matt ordered the Shrimp A La Frenchesa which is sautéed in butter, infused with brandy and white wine and then thickened with heavy cream and cheese.  I was seriously impressed with the plating and quality of the dishes in this little hole in the wall latin restaurant.  So i urge you to go and look past the cheesey decor and enjoy a wonderful dinner, Chef Tito is sure to impress.

Latin Bistro Kansas City

Latin Bistro Kansas City
grouper A La Veracruzana
Latin Bistro Kansas City
Shrimp A La Frenchesa
Latin Bistro Kansas City

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