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What's Out There Wednesday

If you haven't noticed i've been trying to up the ante on this here blog.  I've been learning all kinds of cool tricks- like saving all my photos as png's instead of jpegs (they say its better quality for the web, who knew?!) and making them all the same pixel width so that everything fits into the post width perfectly and even making those cool buttons that everyone has on their blog over there--->. I got back on facebook after a 6 month hiatus (gasp!) and in general trying to get it together. That leads us to today's first what's out there wednesday; every wednesday i'm going to do a little curated post of some cool things that i've found on the web.  i know we all have pinterest, but sometimes its nice to just look at a few things vs. being overloaded with information- don't get me wrong i looooove pinterest and spend my fair share of days hours on there.  But hopefully this will introduce you to some new blogs that you will start to follow and some awesome projects/recipes/ideas that you will find as cool as me.  Happy Humpday!

1. Paper Bag Utensil Holder with Washi Tape.  Seriously genius- its totally adorbs and then when you're done with the picnic you have a bag to put your trash into.  Now you have a cute little practical project to use up some of that washi tape you've been hoarding off of pick your plum ;) This project was created by Making Home Base (cute blog!) as a guest post for Mom4Real (again cute blog!)

2. House Number Post Planter another awesome DIY project by the sisters over at Shanty 2 Chic.  They make me want to bust out a drill and kreg jig and start making all new furniture for my house!

3. Adorable Denim Bow Top.  I bet you have some old jeans or could find an ugly 1980's denim skirt at a thrift store that would be perfect to whip this little top up. It's from A Girl and a Glue Gun (what a fun craft blog name!)

4. Proper Placemat.  I saw this and laughed at first because my husband always makes fun of me that i cannot for the life of me remember which utensils go on which side of the plate.  So bad, i know. Well here's the perfect placemat for me my kids so they don't end up like mom.  And even better its a FREE printable from the amazing designers over at the caravan shop.  

5. Perfect Cinnamon Rolls by my awesome friend Meg over at Big Red Clifford.  She is about to have a baby girl any day now and i can imagine how great these must have tasted 9 months preggo- i know i would have enjoyed them even more when i was there last summer. I just don't know that i would have had the energy to make them, photograph them and post them on my blog! what an over-achiever ;) 

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