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What's Out There Wednesday

Happy Humpday Friends.  For those of you who were wondering about my son, we went to see the ortho doc today and we found out that he will be in the cast for 4 weeks and then we go to get it off! yay! We could have gotten a waterproof cast today but i opted to not go through the ordeal of holding him down while they sawed off the current cast and then put a new one on, just for the benefit of it being waterproof.  I found a cast cover that will hopefully work for baths so i'll let you know :) Anywho here is a roundup of 5 things that caught my eye this week out there in blogworld.  
1. The Nutella Swirl Ice Cream from the girls at a Beautiful Mess looks so good.  I really need to whip up a batch to satisfy my sweet tooth, and to celebrate national ice cream month.  (did you know july was national ice cream month? the bluebell ice cream truck has been driving around KC giving out free ice cream in celebration of the holiday- hey i'm all for it!)
2. These Fresh Watermelon Popsicles look like the perfect post-pool treat and not to mention easy and healthy, um I'm in!
3. The Happier Homemaker's House Tour is super fun to look at, and is it just me or is it super interesting to see the inside's of peoples homes? Actually, i know its not just me because there are like millions of pins of interior spaces all over pinterest! Personally i love her exterior colors- blue and that red door- its just too cute, i also love her clean fresh looking office (i think i need one of those) and her master bedroom stenciled wall is awesome! So jump on over and take a peek inside her house.
4. I saw these DIY Painted Sandals over on Everyday Reading and thought to myself, genius! why haven't i thought of that?! what a perfect way to update old sandals or thrift store finds.  Just another finish to add to your growing repertoire of things you can do to cheap buys.  :)
5. These Easy DIY Kid Stitch Cards are so cute.  In my search for activities to do with a 2 year old who is wearing a full leg cast i am constantly finding cool things that are slightly too old for him like this project, but i had to share it so hopefully some of you can do it now.  I'm sure little girls who want to sew will just love it!

So there it is friends Happy Wednesday, you're halfway there!

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