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Birthday Dinner at Gram & Dun

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Monday was my birthday and it was a great day.  The daytime was pretty normal, Matt went to work in the morning so the kids and I went to the gym (which was so nice after not being able to go for the last week) we came home did lunch and during nap time i disregarded all the housework and just did some blog surfing.  Probably one of the most exciting things of the day was when i realized that the tickets for Alt slc were on sale and only a few left and i got one! I'm so super excited to go in January! Did you know that if you go to google on your birthday it's a special birthday banner, and when you hover your mouse over it it says "Happy BirthdayAngela"? cool, right? i also loved the illustration in the email from RISD- cute right?! Matt came home early and my friend Ali came over at 4 so we could have an entire afternoon/evening to go shopping and eat.  It was so fun. I haven't actually been shopping for myself for clothes in a long time and i had kind of forgotten how much i love to shop. crazy i know.  New goal- make enough money so that i can have a good sized monthly clothing budget! Matt was so awesome and treated me to a shopping spree- 5 pair of pants, 6 shirts, 3 dresses & a pair of shoes! I would say it was a successful trip. :) We ate on the plaza for dinner at Gram & Dun and it was amazing. seriously so good. See the review and more photos after the jump :)


Birthday Dinner Gram & Dun KC

When it's my birthday i don't hold back.  As you can see we did our share of ordering at Gram & Dun on the plaza in Kansas City.  I was so pleased with everything i put in my mouth, which is great because all you want on your birthday is to eat great food and not have to cook it, or at least thats what i want :) We started with the Croque Madame Fondue an ahhhhmazing dish of brioche bread slices, fried egg, country ham all swimming in a gruyere fondue, talk about decadent and rich, Matt and i both agreed it would be a perfect brunch dish but we were sure glad it was on the appetizer menu because it was one of our favorite things of the night.  We both had a salad, i went for the G&D small salad and Matt had the Jackson salad which had grilled romaine and was wonderful. Moving on to entrees our waitress recommended the loaded baked potato gnocchi, she said it was her favorite thing on the menu, and i can see why.  It was out of this world good, seriously go get it, the fresh made gnocchi sit atop crispy potato skins and are perfectly coated in a creamy cheese sauce and sprinkled throughout with house-cured bacon, again its really, really good.  The only thing that wasn't a winner was Matt's entree, the hanger steak, don't get me wrong he cleaned his plate but it just wasn't impressive and too spicy for his taste.  We both ordered a dessert, which was probably a little much because we were already full, but its only your birthday once a year, right? We got the crack pie and the G&D bar, both were heavenly.  I highly recommend Gram & Dun if you like to eat food. :) Oh and the patio is so big and beautiful, its perfect for the weather that we've been enjoying and i'm sure we will continue to enjoy through september so go down and check it out!

I love birthdays- well besides the getting older part :)
Birthday Dinner Gram & Dun KC
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