Collecting: Federal Glass Refrigerator Dishes - Handmade in the Heartland

Collecting: Federal Glass Refrigerator Dishes

Vintage Federal Glass Refrigerator Dish

A few years ago for my birthday my mom sent me the cute little vintage glass dish above.  At first i didn't quite know what i would do with it but i quickly realized it was great for many things- including jelly or jam and lately i've been using it for sliced lemons. About a month ago i had some extra lemons and sliced them all up before they went bad and used them in my water bottle and ever since i can't seem to drink water without lemon in it, thus it has become my little lemon container.  I thought i would share it with you and a few others like it.  All of these pieces were made by the Federal Glass Company that opened its doors in 1900 in Columbus Ohio, all of their pieces bear their logo which is a F inside of shield.  I couldn't find a ton of information on the "refrigerator dishes", there doesn't seem to be a huge variety and from what i gather they are mid-century pieces.  Federal Glass closed in 1980 and is known for "depression" glass that they made through the depression and on.  Here are a few pieces i found on etsy and ebay just in case you're interested in having a few in your own kitchen.  I am in love with the pink "salmon" color, which seems to be the most rare and expensive, of course...

Vintage Federal Glass Refrigerator Dishes

Vintage Federal Glass Refrigerator Dish

P.S sorry about the absence the last few days, i went to Savannah GA for a bachlorette weekend and i'm just getting back into the swing of things :) lots of pictures to come! 

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