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Last weekend Matt and i went to Em Chamas Brazilian Grill, we had a groupon and i had heard that it was good.  I thought everything was really delicious.  If you're not familiar with the concept of a brazilian churrascaria it's basically an all you can eat buffet and then servers bring around rodizio cooked meats on skewers and slice you off pieces.  The meats were all really good, especially the house specialty beef "picahna" - so good.  It's on the pricey side of going out- for two people it was $70 and we drank water, so the good news is that the food was worth it.  In my honest opinion its the best buffet i've ever been to, however i'm not a fan of buffets and after we left Matt made a funny comment he said "its kind of like being the skinniest kid at fat camp, your still at fat camp". Ha! The truth is that if i'm going to eat a more pricey dinner i don't want to walk around and dish up my own food, its just not for me. 

There is a lot of benefits to this restaurant, and one of them is that it's so fast, we sat down at 7 and were full fat and happy and on our way to a movie at 7:35, also i think it would be a perfect place for a large group because it is so fast since there is no ordering everyone can get their food immediately and enjoy the fun table side rodizo service.  So if you have a special occasion and a large group that wants to dine for that occasion- by all means go to Em Chamas!  Also i would say if you are going to go to a brazilian grill go here over the place on the plaza- its even more expensive and i can't imagine its better because the food here is so well done.  I was still thinking about that picahna the next day.  Happy Friday friends i'm super excited to be at Go Blog Social today and tomorrow! yay! 
Em Chamas, brazilian grill, kansas city brazilian grill
Em Chamas, brazilian grill, kansas city brazilian grill
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