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Friday and Saturday I attended Go Blog Social, a blogger conference here in Kansas City.  It was so much fun! It was just what I needed- a few days all by myself (no kids pulling at my legs) learning lots of info and hearing really awesome people tell their stories. I loved it! I learned so much and gained a lot of motivation to keep going with this whole blogging thing and make it better with every post. A few ideas that kept coming up throughout the conference were to be authentic, create original content, and know the "brand" of your blog and keep that promise to your readers- continually produce content that keeps inline with your brand. Here are a few highlights:

1.  Ampersand Design Studios- they showed the above quote during their presentation which i love. Also i've been blog stalking them for a while now and it was SO fun to meet these girls.  Best graphic designers in KC!

2. J's Everyday Fashion- like woah i totally met the girl that's all over pinterest :) She was SO hilarious and down to earth cool! Loved what she had to say and i just ordered the book  "The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles" because she loved it so much and quoted from it. I'm totally stoked to read it.

3. Meg Biram-  I was super excited to meet and hear Meg because I had actually signed up for a blogger event that she put on last year and got food poisoning that day and couldn't go! So it was awesome to hear her share her thoughts and advice.

J's everyday fashion, Meg Biram, Ampersand Design Studio, Go blog social
Another awesome aspect of Go Blog Social was meeting so many other KC and midwest bloggers! I felt a little stalker-ish because i have been reading several of these girls blogs for awhile now and i felt like i knew them a little bit! ha! I love to make new friends and you should check out these awesome girls' blogs too.

Madi Reid Sanders// who is in the bottom left pic with me, is super cute and a new northlander friend!,
Jess at City In A Jar// Awesome girl, awesome blog. That video from the garden dinner party- beautiful!
Shanley at Eat it KC// Gorgeous girl with an love for restaurants- i can relate! :)
Beverly at BevCooks// 15 weeks preggo with twins (bless her for coming) a fellow KC-er she was so sweet!
Melanie Knopke// You know how sometimes really pretty well dressed girls are really not so nice? well not the case with Melanie at all, she is as sweet as she is chic!
Whatcha Makin' Now// gorgeous food blog- super cute girl. make sure you add her to your blog reading list
Jessica at How Sweet it Is//was a presenter and I was so lucky to happen to sit next to her before she presented and talk to her for a bit.  What a fun girl! and not to mention her blog is like amazing food blogger eye candy!
Megan at Chasing Davies// super sweet super cute & chic preggo who seems like a fountain of knowledge when it comes to blogging and working with brands.  Loved meeting her!

That's not even close to the entire list of new blogs i'm following and new friends I made! Happy Monday!

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