McCall & Matthew * a beautiful mountain wedding - Handmade in the Heartland

McCall & Matthew * a beautiful mountain wedding

Log Haven Wedding

Last weekend I went to Utah to attend one of my best friends' from college wedding.  She was such a beautiful bride and it was so fun to be there for her special day.  It was wonderful to meet Matthew and see that she is going to be so happy with this awesome guy.  Her wedding and reception was held at Log Haven in Salt Lake City, up a canyon and in the mountains.  The location was gorgeous, the food was delicious and the company was wonderful.  It was so nice to spend some quality time with Libby, Jay, and Katie who i also went to college with.  Love these friends and all the fun that last weekend was, how fun are weddings?! 

The reception was held inside Log Haven restaurant and everything was sophisticated and understated. I loved the flowers in the different shaped glass bottles and the cake was gorgeous.  
Log Haven Wedding Reception

Log Haven Wedding Reception

As they left we tossed rose petals and what beautiful pictures it made!
Petal Toss Send Off

At the wedding we were supposed to sign the guest book with our marriage advice. I didn't get a chance and i always over-think things when i am actually there so i thought i would put my advice here.  So here it goes McCall (and blog world) a few tips i've learned about marriage:

Let it go.  the crumbs on the counter, the clothes on the floor, and any little things that could annoy you, just let them go, and i don't mean don't say anything and let the frustration fester- because that's not good for anyone- but really truly just let it go, wipe the crumbs up and choose to be grateful he made his own lunch or fed the kids instead of mad that he left the crumbs.  Just choose to not let those small things annoy you, because trust me its not worth it. Second, Do fun things together, travel, go out, enjoy life and take pictures because its also fun to look back and remember how fun those things were.  
Love this beautiful bride!  The happy couple...

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