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Simple Closet & Bathroom Organization

A friend once told me that her mom knew it was time to move when she started dreaming of finding new rooms in their house.  I'm not quite to that point yet, but i have been trying to use up every inch of space that we do have in the most effective way.  Which brings me to todays post, showing you a few tricks i use in my bathroom and closet to organize.  Before we get started i must tell you i love to walk into an organized room, actually there are few things i like more than perfectly organized spaces.  Last summer before i had June i had Matt clean out our closet with me, when we were done his side of the closet looked so good, better than i had ever seen it with all the shirts hung in categories (sweater, button-down, polo, tee) and all his pants folded and placed so neatly on the shelf.  I was so excited and i kept asking him "doesn't that just make you sooo happy?!" to which he replied "not really" needless to say i was elated.  :)

Now i'm going to be the first to admit my closet isn't terribly small, but its not terribly big either.  It is a walk-in but not a ginormo closet, and for a girl who has a lot of clothes everything is squeezed in there.  I actually pack away all my fall/winter clothes in the spring/summer and vice versa.  There are a couple things i have done that have made my closet a heck-uva-lot better.  The first is using command hooks for my purses.  As you can see below i have this super awkward triangle shape that for the first couple years we lived here just had a pile of shoes on the floor, but after looking at it long and hard, wondering if i should build shelves or do something else it came to me to hang my bags on hooks! i use Command Medium Designer Hooks and i love them.  It has turned out to be the most perfect purse storage.

a few photos:

For jewelry i bought an 80-Pocket Hanging Jewelry and Accessories Organizer which has really been great. i love that the pockets are clear so its easy to see everything and its thin and doesn't take up much space. I use an Over The Door Hook behind the closet door to store all my scarves and bathrobe.  
Scarf & Jewelry Storge, Closet Organization

The biggest aha moment came to me when i was trying to figure out organizing my shoes.  You see the top of the closet and how all my heels are lined up so nicely? well it used to look like a big hot mess because there was about 3x's that many shoes up there and so they were all a mess.  However the shoes i did wear on a regular basis would end up getting lost under the clothes hanging on my bottom rack.  I was so excited when i figured out how to use that space underneath those clothes, i bought THESE sterilite modular drawers and stuck them under there. problem solved! The picture shows you how much easier it is to pull out the drawer then fish around for what you want hidden under all those clothes, and not to mention i added one to my husband's side and it is so nice to have all his shoes corralled into one container as well.  
Closet Shoe Storage

Closet Shoe Storage

Last but not least i have a few things to show you in my bathroom.  First i love my magnetic makeup frame.  I'll be doing a tutorial in the next few weeks on how to make it.  It saves so much drawer space! Under the sink i use the Sterilite 3 Storage Drawer Organizer for hair stuff, nail stuff and what not.  I use one other bin for random samples and extra's and then i store my straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer in my makeup bag that i use for traveling.  

I also thought i'd keep it real and show you the hubs side of the closet.  It's not a total disaster but its def. not magazine worthy ;) like i said the shoe organizer on his side has been great. I hope this has given you some ideas to help you get your closet and bathroom organized! 
Closet & Bathroom Organization Ideas

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