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Tomato Love.

Tomato Basil

I've been a little obsessed with tomatoes lately, can you tell? If you haven't seen THIS pasta or THIS pasta go check them out. I've also been having fun working on my food photography skills.  I love these images i snapped yesterday, don't they just make you want to go gather up these ingredients and eat them right now?! We had the easiest dinner last night. I probably should have made like chicken or some type of main course, but i didn't and you know what we were full.  So go ahead for lunch or maybe even dinner get yourself some fresh mozzarella, a beautiful beefsteak farm grown tomato, some basil and balsamic vinegar and throw together a caprese salad.  You won't regret it :) Happy Hump Day!

Tomato Basil Caprese

Tomato Basil Caprese

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