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KC Finds Friday: Beignet

Wednesday night i went out with some friends to celebrate our friend Lindsay's birthday.  I had read about a new cafe called Beignet that opened and so i thought it would be the perfect place to go for dessert.  They sell crepes, beignets and other treats and it was delicious. If you remember my review of Nica's 320 and their amazing bread pudding, the owners also own beignet, and to make it even better there are 2 locations of beignet.  We went to the location on 39th street but there is also one in the city market- it's only open until 4 daily and 39th street stays open till 8pm. 

The beignets (pronounced ben-ya) were delicious we all ordered a different one and cut them up and shared, i highly recommend doing this so you can try a variety of flavors because they offer many! We tried the bavarian cream, brie and berry, chocolate hazelnut (basically nutella), caramel praline cream, and caramelized peach.  My favorite was the caramel praline cream it has the same cream as the bavarian cream but with extra caramel and nuts- it was so good.  All of them were crisp and perfect on the outside and soft with the fabulous fillings on the inside. I love having unique places to go for dessert so if you are a kansas citian you should add Beignet to your list of tasty treat spots.  Know of any places i should try?

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