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KC Finds Fridays: Waechtersbach Warehouse Sales

Waechtersbach Warehouse Sale Kansas City
I love getting a good deal so a few years ago when i read about a warehouse sale of german pottery i had to check it out.  Have you ever seen that red plate that says "you are special today" well the company that makes that is Waechtersbach.  It turns out that Waechtersbach, a german dishware company, has a distribution center here in Kansas City and every so often (maybe a few times a year) they do a warehouse sale and greatly discount inventory.  Over the last few years i have purchased beautiful serving pieces for myself and family members (they make perfect gifts), and white shallow bowls that are great for salads and soups- you can see them in this post.  One of my favorite things about their sale is that they have a huge a selection of solid color dishes that are perfect for mixing and matching.  If you live in Kansas City and would like to receive the emails about their warehouse sale just email them at customerservice{at}waechtersbachusa{dot}com.   
One other note, their warehouse sales are a fundraiser for harvesters so you either need to pay $2 when 
you arrive or bring a few canned goods.  Click over for more photos. :)

Warehouse Dish & Pottery Sale Kansas City

This is the email that i got for the August sale.  I know they usually have a fall sale for Christmas so sign up for the email! 

Don't you love finding fun things in your city? Do you live here in KC? anything i should know about or go and do?

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