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Show your Savvy Style: Mom Edition Codes

A few weeks ago i received an email from, they asked me to take part in the Savvy Style challenge, which entailed giving me a gift card to Loft for $100 and in return i had to buy an entire outfit with it and share it with you all.  They key is to use the coupon codes found on to get more bang for my buck! As you can imagine it didn't take 2 seconds for me to say yes, please!  After spending way too much time on Loft's website i decided to buy an outfit that i would wear a lot.

I don't know about you but whenever i shop online i always go to google and search for coupon codes for the store i'm buying from just to make sure i don't miss out on a deal. On they have tons of coupon codes for a bunch of different retailers so make sure you double check next time you are about to make a purchase.  Here you can see the current Loft coupon codes, when i bought these items there was also a 20% off and a 40% for different categories.

Lets talk about what i got. Loft is really more of a business casual/dressier type retailer but they do have some great casual looks and seeing as how my life these days is a lot more casual than dressy i opted for the latter.  I am in love with these ponte leggings, they are super thick and great for fall/winter and the sweater is super comfy and soft.  I desperately needed a pair of sunglasses and the little black ballet slippers are super versatile.   Also another note, its nice to buy things online from stores that you might have near you because when you purchase you can use the coupon codes but if you need to exchange or return something you can go do it at the store without waiting for shipment.  For instance i ordered the wrong size of legging and just went and swapped it at the store without any hassel.

Here are links to what i purchased and how much i paid with the coupon code discounts. 
2. Ballet Flats $49.50 23.76
3. Sunglasses $24.50 11.76
4. Ponte Leggings $49.50 $39.60

And since the point of my choices was to pick a cute going to the park- toting your toddlers around but still trying to look cute outfit i thought i would include miss June in some of the photos.  Isn't she precious :) We love our happy girl and those beautiful blue eyes!
Mom & Daughter Photos

Mom & Baby girl

Loft Casual Outfit
Happy Monday! I hope its a good start to your week. :) Maybe you should do some online shopping to life your spirit...

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