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The Fresh Market Opening

Last night I was invited to a tweet peek of the new Fresh Market store in Overland Park, KS. I love a good grocery store that makes you feel good when your shopping and the fresh market delivers a beautiful shopping experience.  I originally got the email with an invite to this preview and thought free food for tweets, i'm in! ha. It was fun to meet some other bloggers and see this gorgeous new store the night before it opened.  A few things i loved: They have a gift basket station in the floral dept where you can either buy a gift basket or just gather the items you want and they will put them in a nice gift basket for you, perfect for when you are at a loss for what to get for someone.  I also loved the pastry section (imagine that) everything is made in house, we sampled some cookies that were ahhhhmazing, seriously not your average grocery store cookies!  They bake bread every night in house so you can also pick up a fresh loaf while your there.  In the produce section they boast that if you want to try something just ask one of their helpful store chef's and they will gladly cut it open and let you taste before you buy, and all of their packaged cut up produce is cut up in store.  I loved the bulk food sections with their candy "bar" looking like a general store's, the entire feel of the fresh market is very hometown, general store friendly.  If you live in Overland Park or just want to go check it out you should, this week they are doing all kinds of fun things for the opening!

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