Brit+Co's Re:Make 2013 - Handmade in the Heartland

Brit+Co's Re:Make 2013

Brit & Co Re:Make2013, 3D Printing
Hi Friends! I had the most wonderful weekend in San Francisco and i'm so excited to share it with you all.  The excuse reason i went to San Francisco was to attend Brit + Co's first event, Re:Make.  You might remember the brit kit party i hosted and how much fun it was, well magnify the awesomeness of a brit kit times 1 million and that was Re:make.  It was by far the coolest conference i've ever been to.   Great speakers, beautiful decorations, awesome freebies and inspiration galore.  I left with new ideas, new motivation and new friends. Have you ever heard of a 3d printer? The picture right above is one in action and its freakin' incredible, the future i'm telling you! Keep reading to see some more...

Brit Morin, Brittany Jepsen

When i arrived at re:make i walked in to find a cute little diy donut bar by brika, free water bottles by S'well and gift bags with even more fun stuff inside.  They had oxo containers at each chair filled with legos for each attendee to play with throughout the day and a recharge station with snacks and outlets for you to recharge your devices and yourself.  

I was most inspired by Chris Anderson's talk, he was the editor in chief of wired magazine and now has a book out called Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.  He spoke a lot about 3d printing, which is an amazing new technology that he predicts with seriously rock the world in the coming years.  He spoke about how the maker movement and how through social media and the internet DIY is no longer do it yourself, but do it together.  I loved that concept- that with all the sharing that happens through pinterest, facebook, and other platforms we are truly doing it together and helping each other be more creative people and have a more creative culture.  He talked about the shift from consumers to creators and i truly felt inspired to keep creating and contributing to our do it together society.  

I made some new friends, people i have actually been blog watching for a long time including Brittany Jepsen of 'The house that lars built' who is fun, kind and a blast to hang out with, and Emily Henderson HGTV design star who is funny and friendly and all around talented lady.  The day was full of meeting and networking with other bloggers, makers, and brands and i enjoyed every second.  
Brit+Co Re:Make 2013

They had a slow motion video booth that Brittany and i did together. i look ridiculous and like a total goof-ball but i guess thats the point :) 

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