DIY Stadium Seating Cupcake Stand - Handmade in the Heartland

DIY Stadium Seating Cupcake Stand

Today i have a really fun DIY tutorial for you.  When i went on KC Live on Tuesday morning i displayed my cupcakes with this cool handmade stadium seating cupcake stand.  With some simple supplies from home depot you can make one too! Keep reading for the full tutorial! 

Gorilla Wood Glue
1x4- 6ft ($2.32 @HD)
1x6- 6ft ($3.42 @HD)
1x8- 6ft ($7.47 @HD)
Sander or sand paper
Wood Stain- i used Miniwax's early american 230 
paint brush

1. When you go to Home Depot to pick up your boards its awesome because they can cut them for you.  So if you have them cut to 18" (which is a foot and half) you will end up with four 18" pieces of each height.  You only need three of each for this project so you end up with 3 extra pieces (don't trash them i have another project coming up that you can use them for!).  

2.  When you get home take the 3 boards in each size and glue them together.  I find that wood glue is most effective when you clamp the objects being glued together.  So i layed down a good amount of glue and them clamped each set of the same size together.  I let them dry overnight.

3.  Once your sets of 3 are glue together then glue those to each other. Start with the 8" and glue the 6" to those and then glue the 4" to those.  Using a big daddy clamp, clamp them all together and let dry for a while.  The glue says 24 hours, i think i let them dry for at least 6 or 7 hours before i sanded & stained.  

4. Sand the edges so they are smooth curves and not sharp.  I sanded all the tops of where the cupcakes would sit so that the boards were even and all the corners so i wouldn't snag my clothes or get a splinter or something. :) Use a tack cloth or wet cloth to clean all the dust off. 

5.  Once it's dry and sanded take your stain with a paint brush and paint it on.  The wood stain i used takes a good 24-48 hours to dry totally and completely.  Maybe i'm putting too much on? anyway after you stain it and it dries you are finished! Yay! now you have an adorable cupcake stand for your next football party! 

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