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KC Finds Friday: story.

Story Restaurant Prairie Village Kansas

There are not many restaurants that i leave really impressed.  Let me explain, i like to cook (if thats not obvious from this blog) and so when i go out i like to think about how i would make the dishes we ate at home.  So when i go to someplace that i know there is no possibility that i could ever recreate what we just ate i find myself utterly impressed and blissfully happy.  We don't have this experience often, i can count on one hand actually the times we have felt this way.  Story in Prairie Village is really really impressive, like flavors exploding in your mouth good. Everything we ate was surprisingly flavorful, unique and truly exquisite.  

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We both started with the heirloom tomato salad, it was divine.  A beautiful pile of local delicious ripe tomatoes resting on goat cheese creme fraiche with house made warm goat cheese croutons and all topped with balsamic vinegar and a bacon tuile (a crisp made of bacon?!), we were so glad that we both ordered one because it was delicious.  Then we moved on to our appetizer, we ordered the veal short breads which were not what we expected and very tasty, it was almost like little meat fritters.  Our entrees were both really really good.  Matt ordered the pork cheek which rested on a bed of beautifully smooth mashed potatoes and topped with apples and grapes and a gorgeous sauce, he loved it, and i stole a few bites and thought it was really tasty as well.  I ordered the braised beef short ribs which were resting on house made potato gnocchi and topped with tempura onion rings... need i say more? 

Lets move on to dessert shall we? oh did i mention when we go out, we really go all out :) we like dessert.  Matt ordered the doughnuts and they did not disappoint, these little guys were drenched in a salted caramel passionfruit syrup with spun sugar on top- can we say oh.my.gosh.  I ordered the german chocolate cake which was paired with candied pecans and coconut crisps, the chocolate was dark and decadent and delicious.  

All i can say is go to story for your next special occasion or celebration or just a fancy Friday night. just go, because it is so good.
Story Restaurant Desserts

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