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Meet My Friend: Davia Mara Rabinoff-Goldman

Today's meet my friend is a super fun and dear friend of mine. She and I were both in the apparel department at RISD in the same class and she is such a fun girl. She is considerate, caring and talented. She is one of those awesome friends that keeps up with whats going on in your life and sends you emails to keep in touch, and you know she really cares. She is such a sweet person and i am so happy to introduce you to her!

Here are a few throw back photos of us. The first is at artist ball, i was engaged at the time so i dressed up as 'bridezilla' and she was little red riding hood. The second was taken right after our senior fashion show.  Such good memories with this girl! Oh and above she is with her adorable little nephew, so cute!

What is your current job and previous & Where do you live?
I am a fashion designer and all-around crafter. I work for Macy’s on a brand called JM Collection and do a lot of work on the side for myself and for private clients. I live in Astoria, NY, which is in Queens.

Describe your work process
I am an extremely visual and tactile person, so when I’m starting a new project I often look to images or materials for inspiration first. I love looking at images of nature for the lines, colors and textures. When I’m looking at materials, I touch everything! I need to know how that fabric feels and is going to drape - I let it tell me what and how it wants to be, rather than forcing it into something against its nature.
I’ve recently been focusing on bridal and bridal accessories for private clients. This is a bit of a different process than when I’m just designing on my own. In order to make something that the bride will love and that will work perfectly with her day, I try to get a vision of exactly how she wants her wedding to look and feel. For a fun and quirky bride I worked with, I embroidered a classic quote of hers on a shirt for her to wear while getting ready. For my sister, who had a vintage-inspired wedding, I took inspiration from our mom’s wedding dress to create hers.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
I love having a final product, something beautiful to show for my work. When working on bridal specifically, I love adding to the beauty and joy of a wedding day. If I can create something that makes the bride smile, feel more comfortable, and love her day even more, that is the most I could ask for.

If you could design for any client who would it be?
I would love to design for a royal wedding! Maybe when Prince Harry gets married, someone will put in a good word...

What has been your favorite project to date?
I recently finished a wedding gift for a friend that I really loved. In traditional Jewish weddings, the bride and groom are lifted up on chairs and everyone dances around them. As a measure of modesty, they hold a napkin between them so they do not actually touch. This July, I secretly grabbed the napkin that my friends held between them and embroidered and framed it for them. It’s a special keepsake for them from their wedding day, and I really loved making it!

Tell us a few of your favorite spots in your city. (restaurant, shop, coffee bar etc)
My number one favorite restaurant in NY is called Kashkaval. It’s this amazing little mediterranean tapas place in Hell’s Kitchen. My book club meets there every month and whenever I go out with anyone who hasn’t tried it, I make them go there! When Angela was visiting the city a few years back, I made her try it too!
There are a ton of places in Astoria too, so it's hard to pick just one, but I love Astor Bake Shop - I had delicious brunch there this past weekend!

I am so glad i got to share a little bit of Davia with you. she's just fabulous :) You can see some awesome belts and infinity scarves she has for sale on Etsy HERE, oh and if your in NYC you can even purchase knitting lessons from her! She's awesome so i highly recommend it :) Follow her on pinterest HERE.  Thanks Davia, miss you! xoxo

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