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This Mom Needs a Messenger

I know what you may be thinking by that title, but alas i do not have the budget for a messenger boy who does all my errands and grocery shopping, no i need a messenger bag.  First let me tell you that i have had several different "diaper bags" i have gone from typical diaper bags to totes to large purses back to diaper bag all with different frustrations.  

About a year ago i pulled out the pink simple kate spade messenger bag that my mom purchased me the first month i was in college.  I used it on and off all through college and probably haven't picked it up since 2007, well about a year ago i thought, hmmm maybe i'll give her another shot.  Here's the thing people, it is a must, a must for my diaper-wallet-keys-toys-snack-carrying bag to have a cross body strap.  I might have multiple anxiety attacks if a shoulder bag continues to fall off my shoulder whilst trying to wrangle a toddler into his car seat at the same time as holding a baby and trying to answer my ringing cell.  Seriously people the cross body strap is a little miracle.  Which brings me back to that dusty old kate that happened to be in my closet.  It has been my favorite mom bag by far, but lets face it ladies, i want a new one.  It was bound to happen, right? 

So here we go with Christmas not all that far off i decided to start hunting for the perfect messenger mom bag.  Is it weird that it kind of bothers me that while i was searching through messenger bags on multiple different sites the on model image showed a man instead of a woman? I don't really think of my style (even as mom-ish as it may be on a regular basis) as masculine and yet it seems that messenger = man bag.  I mean i know it doesn't matter but still it kind of bugged me.  Anywho these are the styles i found.  I am partial to #2, #4, & #10, i would be totally sold on the happy bright yellow #12 but i kind of hate the buttons and #13 is so cute with the polka dots but i can't decide if i like the underlying feather print. 
Mom Messenger Bags
1. Ted Baker- $95  2. Herschel Mill $69.99  3. Bedstu Declan $84  4. Manhattan Portage Medium Bike Messenger $129  5. Manhattan Portage Dana $105  6. Manhattan Portage Medium NY Messenger $95  7. Manhattan Portage Vintage Messenger $75  8. Overland Equipment Maisie $70  9.Osprey FlapJill Courier $62.99  10. Patagonia MiniMass $69  11. LeSportSac Utility Messenger $75.99 12. Ogio Midtown Messenger $69.99  13. Crumpler The Wren Messenger $135

Honestly i have spent way too much time researching messenger bags but i was super excited when i came across Rickshaw bagworks.  I'm still not 100% sure which bag i'm going to go with but i am leaning more and more toward the zero medium messenger because you can completely customize all the fabrics and colors and its made from scratch in san francisco, gotta love american goods! Also its called "zero" because they use minimal waste manufacturing.  I kind of love their tweeds that they produce with 100% polyester fibers and a stain resistant coating- so it looks like tweed but acts like a high-tech & performance bag fabric, pretty awesome, oh and its also manufactured in the US.  Awesome.

Rickshaw Bags

So please please help me decide. Should i design my own or do you just love one of the bags in the collage above? or do you have another suggestion? please let me know in the comments :) 

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