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KC Finds Friday: Accurso's, Imo's, Fun Run & Paul Mesner Puppets

Its finally friday people, yay! We are on our way to Nashville to enjoy Thanksgiving with my side of the family, Max is beyond excited, he keeps talking about the big dinner he's going to have with turkey and mashed potatoes, i will be shocked if he actually eats any of it. We are stopping in St.Louis at the magic house, i'll be sure and tell you about it next week.  I've got a few different Kansas City spots to share with you today starting with a good traditional italian restaurant called Accurso's.  

Accurso's is a few doors down from spin pizza & glace ice cream and i read in the newspaper that their cheesecake was to die for.  We tried to stop in a few weeks ago just to get the cheesecake before we went to the theater but they were hosting a rehearsal dinner and closed to the public- on the upside they gave us a gift card to come back, score.  The food is good comfort warming italian with large portions and great service. We enjoyed our dinner, i'm not going to say its the best italian i've ever had, but it was good enough to add to our list of places to go again.  Matt had the pasta diavlo & i ordered the chicken romano, we enjoyed the toasted ravioli and caesar salad to start.  They served garlic bread, like any good italian restaurant should and the cheesecake lived up to its hype.  I really loved the toasted ravioli- its hand breaded and perfectly crisp (ask for extra marinara) and the cheesecake was light and fluffy and really really good. If you're down around the plaza its a great choice for dinner!
Accurso's Italian- Kansas City
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We did 2 really fun things last week with our kids that i want to share with you. On friday we went to the Paul Mesner puppet show, if you get a group of 15 people to go you get a great discount so several of my friends and their kids went with us.  So i was a little skeptical/worried that my kids wouldn't like it or sit still long enough to watch it but i was so wrong. We saw Old MacDonald's rhyming ranch and it was so cute, the kids were laughing so hard it was almost more fun to watch them than the show. I'll definitely be taking the kids back to see more shows in the future.

Paul Mesner Puppets

Saturday we went as a family to fun run off of 64th street. We hadn't ever been before and it was a super fun morning, the kids loved it and max ran off a lot of energy- maybe i do need to get a bounce house for the basement ;).  I think i'm going to do Max's birthday party there in February and we will for sure be visiting on a somewhat regular basis this winter to blow off the ever-building steam that seems to be my crazy boy.  :)

Fun Run Kansas City

Last up today i have to tell you about a pizza place in KC that doesn't seem to be very popular but has been elevated to quite possibly the best pizza in the world in my mind, let me tell you why.  My dad was raised in St.Louis and when i was growing up he and my uncle always raved about Imo's pizza, a St.Louis pizza joint.  It was a very big deal when anyone would be visiting their homecity because it meant that they would be bringing back Imo's and we would all get together and enjoy the rare treat of eating the best pizza in the world.  I know what your thinking, how good can a pizza be thats been in a car for 5 hours, well calm down because Imo's would actually assemble the pizza for us unbaked and then we would bake it at home.  I was never really a fan of thin crust pizza but there is something magical about Imo's combination of thin crust, toppings spread to the edge, square slices and then the secret ingredient their own delicious cheese blend- provel. So there are a ton of Imo's pizzerias in St.Louis and just a few here in KC, for some reason the St.Louis tradition hasn't caught fire but its just as good as i remember and all i have to do is drive downtown to get it.

Imo's Pizza

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