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KC Finds Friday: The French Bee

The French Bee, Parkville MO

A few years ago i was asked where the "ladies go to lunch" here in Kansas City, and i came up empty.  If you asked me the same question about Nashville i could list several little tea rooms or quaint little lunch spots but i honestly couldn't think of any place in Kansas City that fit the bill.  Well in lands a new charming bakery and lunch establishment that i adore and you all should visit.  The french bee in Parkville serves up delicious pastries, baked goods, homemade granola and lunch items and everything i tasted was wondeful.  I was able to meet the owner and she was so warm and friendly and just made me love this adorable little place even more. They serve 2 soups and 2 sandwiches daily that change, however they always have the tomato basil soup on the menu and thank goodness because it is one of the best soups i've ever tasted.  You can go to their facebook page everyday to see what's on the menu for the day and they even have a service where you can order a lunch and pick it up on your way to work. 

Kansas City friends the french bee is not to be missed, plan your next girls lunch or maybe meet up with friend here.  Make sure to try the pumpkin bar or pumpkin snicker doodle if you go in the next few weeks, they are seasonal and soooo good! 
The French Bee, Parkville MO

The French Bee, Parkville MO
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