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Happy New Year * 2014 Goals

I'm a big fan of goals and specifically goals that begin on January 1st, as you can see here and here.  Now before you stop reading because you think new years resolutions are dumb and only good for the first two weeks just keep reading and let me try to change your mind on the matter.  

First let me tell you about a teacher i had in middle school, Ms.Morrow. She kind of changed my life.  She started out each of her classes by teaching her students about goals and how to set them and how to reach them, about how just saying "i want to have a flat stomach" wasn't enough, (that may or may not have been my new years resolution for ten years strait) that you have to create action steps on how to achieve that said goal - like going to the gym and eating better food, etc.  I know we all know this as adults but as a teen this totally changed my life and from that point on i was hooked on goals, writing them down, in actionable steps and then crossing them off the list when i accomplished them.  

Here's the thing people, its OK if you mess up. I keep hearing people say "i don't do resolutions because i don't keep them and then i get too upset", sorry but that's a lame cop-out friends.  So you don't go to the gym for the whole month of March, evaluate your goals in April and recommit and GO! I can't tell you how many times i have "failed" at certain goals for a week or two or even a few months but the great thing about having them written down is that i just keep looking at them, keep thinking about them and keep trying.  I print out several copies of my goal sheet- i keep one in my planner, one on the fridge and in other places where i will see them, which helps me to keep them on the brain.  There are a few goals that have been on my list every year and the reason they keep appearing on the list is that i still need the reminder and push to help master those habits.  

I like to make goals in categories as you will see below, but i've also really enjoyed having a word to focus on.  Maybe some of you have heard of this one little word challenge- to pick a word to focus on for the year, some of my friends here in Kansas City do it and i did it last year and really loved it. (My word last year was details).  This year i want to be more devoted to what is most important.  
So here's to 2014 and setting goals! Here are a few of mine defined...

1. Only look at facebook once a day
Last year one of my goals was to get rid of facebook, which I did until July when i realized that i really needed facebook if i wanted to grow my blog.  I have a love hate relationship with the social network of choice because i waste too much time on it! It was actually quite nice to have it out of my life for 6 months and now that i've been back on again for 6 more months i'm back to checking it way to much so thats where this comes in. I'm taking the app off my phone and i'll only be checking it in the morning on my computer. 

2. Monetize this blog
Ok so i want to be totally up front with my readers, i want this blog to make some money, it would be awesome.  But i want to make money in the right way, i will not do sponsored posts or reviews by companies that i wouldn't normally use or try and i wont slap you in the face with ads every time you scroll down. i promise.  So i've got some work cut out for me on figuring this out, but seriously people are making real money blogging, and i'd love a bigger monthly clothing budget :) 

3. Have a girls night once a month
I'm totally excited for this goal, its like the funnest one on the list, dontcha think?! I was reading some other people's new years goals and it seemed like they all had something on their list that was just for them, for fun.  I came up with this one because its one of my favorite things to do. done and done. 

4. Start a point system with Max
So i have this awesome kid who has a lot of energy is totally smart and about to be three. He has a fair amount of melt downs and i finally came up with a point system in my mind that i think is going to help us all out.  Lots more details on this to come, i promise.

5. Teach the alphabet- a letter a week
Max is great with his letters, he knows what each letter is but he has no idea the sound it makes or that there is a lowercase or what words may begin with that letter. So i came up with the idea to do a letter a week and do all kinds of fun things with each letter. (fun things are still do be determined, i'm starting A on Monday) more on this to come as well...

Ok that's enough you can see the rest below :)

One last word on setting goals, did i mention that its so fun to accomplish your goals?  In 2008 my new years resolution was to not shop (buy any clothing, shoes, or accessories) for the entire year.  That's right, the entire year.  When i told my family everyone laughed.  At the time i was a design student in the fashion program and i was a little addicted to shopping and had been since like forever.  It was really really hard but i did it! It was super rewarding to know that i could do it, but it also totally changed my mentality when it came to buying stuff.  I'm pretty sure it helped my marriage from the get-go because i don't over shop and over spend and i only buy things that i really really love. 

The bottom line is that you CAN do it! What are your goals for 2014? I'd love to hear in the comments.

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