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21 Days Cleanse

I love the idea of being a vegan. Eating mostly fruits and veggies and feeling great all the time. But if you asked me to actually make a vegan meal you'll get a blank stare, i mean how do you even think about cooking without dairy and meat? Seriously, i'm stumped.  So when i heard about the 21 day cleanse by simple green smoothies i thought it might be just the jump start i needed to get my eating habits back on track.

21 day vegan fresh start cleanse

I go through these phases in my life, i've realized, sometimes i'm living super healthy and then it drops and for awhile i'm not.  Back in 2008 after i read 'In defense of food' and 'the omnivores dilemma' and went to see food inc. in the theater i was so committed to clean eating and eliminating industrialized meat completely from our diet. And then we had kids, i swear kid food will ruin you. Trust me i tried to be that mom that feeds her kids veggies at every meal and when they were just babies it was great to make homemade baby food and feed them fresh organic farmers market bought produce turned purees, but then somewhere between 12 months and 3 years old they get picky and want hot dogs everyday for lunch.

21 day vegan fresh start cleanse

So basically i needed a kick in the pants to get my eating back on track and when i heard about the 21 day cleanse it sounded like just the trick. I decided to make the commitment and pay the $60 because i was totally sold on the fact that they give you a meal to meal menu and all the recipes for the full 3 weeks, which means no thinking and figuring out on my part. In the pdf you download you get all their tips and instructions for being successful, all the recipes with beautiful photos, shopping lists, and menus.  All the guess work is taken out of it.

21 day vegan fresh start cleanse

We are 2 weeks in, starting week 3 tomorrow and i love it. Matt would tell you he definitely doesn't love it, but i feel so good.  The food has been better than i thought, the recipes are easy and have opened my mind to the possibilities of eating veggies all the time.  I have an amazing amount of energy which is the number 1 reason i'll try to keep eating mostly vegan after the cleanse is over.  I had been having a huge fatigue problem, I thought my thyroid was off so back in September i went to an endo doc to check it and it was fine.

So i chalked up my afternoon tiredness (as in i have to lay down or i'll fall over if i don't) to the fact that i have 2 small children and have a lot on my plate, but it was still frustrating being so tired every day.  About 2 days after i started the cleanse the fatigue went away, completely, i mean how crazy is that? I think we've all heard that what you eat affects you but we don't actually really think that it can make that big of a difference.  Well folks i'm here to tell you i couldn't be happier with the fact that i really don't get a wave of fatigue until 9 at night, i work right through nap time without even a yawn and as if that wasn't enough i've lost 10 pounds!

It's been killing me to be cooking and eating all this wonderful food and not be able to share the recipes with you all! If you are interested in taking this challenge, i highly recommend it, and if you want to take a first step and just start with a green smoothie challenge the girls over and simplegreensmoothies offer their 30 day smoothie challenge for free.  I'll share my favorite green smoothie recipe with you today.

Brain Fuel Smoothie by Simple Green Smoothies -- 2 servings

2 cups fresh spinach
2 cups coconut water
2 ripe pears
1 cup frozen mango
1/2 Avocado

Blend the coconut water and spinach until smooth and then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.  Yum! :)

21 day vegan fresh start cleanse

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