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KC Finds Friday: FüD

FUD Kansas City

Ok friends, i'm so excited to share my first ever vegan restaurant experience with you.  I shared a few days ago how we are doing a 21 day vegan cleanse, its going well, but we still wanted to go on a date night at the end of our first week.  I had read about FüD a while ago and was intrigued but i knew there was no way i could drag Matt to pay to eat vegan before this cleanse, so it was the perfect opportunity! We also took some adventurous friends and made a fun night of it.  I have to say i was impressed.  Who knew you could make some of your favorite meat meals from fruits and vegetables and have them taste delicious?! FüD is all about making vegan food accessible to everyone by reinterpreting American favorites into an all-veg, organic, local menu bursting with flavor.

FUD Kansas City, Nachos

Between the four of us we ordered the Nachos with two types of fillings- the chkn jack (jack fruit shredded and cooked in a blend of herbs-we'll talk more about jack fruit below) & wild mild (A mildly spiced blend of wild rice, portobello mushroom and onion, that looked like ground beef), i ordered the BBQ Jack Sandwich & my friend Lindsay ordered the Mac-n-Cheese.  Remember vegans don't eat dairy so somehow they created "cheese" from goji nuts.  

FUD Kansas City, Nachos

 The nachos were really good, they come with a mountain of organic corn chips smothered in nacho nut cheddar, baked then dressed with el cream, salsa, scallions, bells and guacamole. The mac-n-cheese was good but couldn't really hold a candle to the real deal.  I was most impressed with the "chicken" that they make from jackfruit.  I ordered the jack bbq sandwich and seriously i could not tell i wasn't eating meat, it was incredible.  The texture and taste was just like typical bbq.  

FUD Kansas City, Jackfruit BBQ

So jackfruit is kind of like a pineapple, they are the largest tree-born fruit and can get as big as 80lbs! (thank you wikipedia) Although the flavor is a mix between apple-pineapple-mango-bannana because my sandwich was slathered in BBQ sauce i didn't even have a sweet taste.  Matt ordered the nachos with the jackfruit chicken that was cooked in an herb blend and it too didn't taste like fruit at all.  I pulled the picture below from the good ole internet and you can see how big jackfruits are and how the texture of it just shreds, its a pretty cool trick, kind of like spaghetti squash.  


Like i said the mac-n-cheese was good but really when you've had the real deal, and love the real deal (especially the bacon-pear variety) you just can't compare.  

FUD Kansas City, Mac-n-Cheese

Dessert was again another amazing feat, cashew ice cream.  It was delicious and although the texture was slightly different than normal ice cream it was the perfect ending to the meal.  We ordered the cashew ice cream with caramel sauce (house made with a secret recipe) and pecans.  I highly recommend going out of your comfort zone and trying some vegan delights at FüD.

FUD Kansas City, Cashew Ice Cream

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