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No-Fail Dinners by Relished Foods

Meal Delivery Service, Relished Foods Review

What's for dinner? How many times a day around the world is that question asked? I know for me most of the time i have a plan which keeps my cooking-dinner anxiety at bay, but there are always those days when my menu has ran out or my plan was never executed.  What happens to you when you don't have dinner planned and its 4:45? i'll tell you what i do, i order take-out or eat cereal and either way its not pretty or very good for this ole body.  When i was emailed by Relished foods to try out their food program i was happy to say yes to this genius start-up out of Chicago.  Relished takes all the stress and a lot of time off your plate to give you no-fail dinners.   Keep reading to see what we ate and how it all works!

Meal Delivery Service, Relished Foods Review

Have you ever said something like this "I don't mind cooking, i just hate planning the meals and going grocery shopping!"? I know i've thought it on multiple occasions and heard my friends voice similar concerns.  One of the reasons i think Relished is such a great service is because it gives you some time back on your proverbial plate and great food on your literal one. They create the meals, they do the shopping, they pre-portion all your ingredients and then ship it all right to your door. They honestly couldn't make it easier to cook a great dinner at home.  Each meals ingredients are packaged in paper bags and each one comes with an awesome step-by-step photo recipe.  Seriously no-fail dinner!

They offer 5 meals each week and every week is different from the last.  They have fabulous chef's that create the recipes and you can choose each week what meals you would like to receive, the minimum is 2. The ingredients are all fresh (sourced locally in Chicago) and delivered to your door in insulated packaging with freezer packs in the bottom.  I have to say i was a bit nervous about the packaging situation but everything was as cold as if it were in my fridge.  They currently deliver to 50% of the U.S so if you go to their website you can enter your zip code to see if they deliver to you.  

Meal Delivery Service, Relished Foods Review

In the box we received 3 meals for 2 people each: panko crusted cod, lamb meatballs with creamy polenta & tomato ragout, and quinoa and roasted vegetable salad with pan seared chicken.  I was so impressed with all of the ingredients so perfectly measured out, all i needed was salt and pepper and olive oil to complete each recipe.  We were a little worried about the lamb meatballs because we aren't big lamb fans, but they were really good! My only complaint of any of the 3 meals was that i thought the chicken could have used some sort of sauce, but really we enjoyed all of them.  Our favorite was the cod, i have never in my life cooked cod and now i will be getting it more frequently- its soft, non-fishy and mild.  Matt and i took turns cooking and we both had the same experience, that it was much easier than cooking traditionally because all the ingredients are ready to go and the recipe with photos is right next to you telling you step by step what to do.  

I can only imagine what our dinner situation would be like if  i worked outside of my house, i have serious respect for mom's that work all day and come home in the evening and get a home cooked dinner on the table, wow. I feel like this is such a great solution for anyone that feels like they are lacking the time to create good healthy meals for themselves and their family.  Honestly i love it because it takes some pressure off a few nights where i don't have to think about dinner, i liked the service so much i signed up to get more meals next week (I can't wait to try the short ribs)! 

Meal Delivery Service, Relished Foods Review

I know what you're wondering now... How much does it cost? Is it an arm and a leg?! Well i'm happy to report that its totally reasonable.  It's obviously not as inexpensive as if you grocery shopped yourselves, but its cheaper than eating out (unless your eating out is Wendy's).  It's $9.95 a serving and meals come in either 2, 4, or 6 person servings.  So you're looking at $20 for a dinner, yes you have to cook it but its fresh, healthy and saves you time.  Better yet the people over at Relished really want you to try it, because they know you'll be hooked. :) So they are offering an awesome discount for Handmade in the Heartland readers! 50% off your first order or 2 or more different meals. That's like only $20 if you order 2 meals for 2 people. what?! You have to order by Friday of this week to get next week's menu- and it looks freaking good- those short ribs... yum! 

Enter  promotion code 'Heartland' at payment and you'll get 50% off your first order! Make sure to do it soon, the promo code is only good for a week from today. 

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