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KC Finds Friday: The Jacobson

The Jacobson Kansas City

Last weekend Matt and I went down to the crossroads and tried out the Jacobson.  The weather was absolutely perfect so I wanted to go somewhere with a great patio and among other things "the J", as frequent diners call, it is know for the large patio.  We were pretty hungry upon arriving so instead of waiting for a table we sat at the bar.  The weather was literally 73 degrees and so we were in stellar moods ready for some good food.  The J delivered and i'm happy to say that all the hype about the burger didn't disappoint. 
The Jacobson Kansas City

So like i said we sat at the bar and chatted up the bartenders about the restaurant, they do change their menu and the new menu debuts May 8th.  Check out that awesome caesar salad above with poached egg and salmon- looks delicious, we didn't actually eat that but as it turns out the owner was also sitting at the bar being served items from the new menu and we got to snap a pic.  We did however enjoy the charcuterie and cheese plate, you must know by now that we order every cheese plate in town, and it was good.  I really loved the accoutrements that came with the cheeses as well as the grilled bread and crackers, if you are a cheese lover like us its worth it. 

The Jacobson Kansas City

The prices at the J are a little high and because we only ate the burgers I can't comment on the rest of the menu, however I had read and heard that the signature Jacobson burger was outstanding and I had to try it.  Both Matt and I were in the mood for burgers and honestly it might be the best burger in KC.  Its topped with short-rib marmalade (which i'm pretty sure is the ingredient that throws it up over the top) bone marrow butter & crisp onion straws. Its delicious, sweet and juicy and dripping with flavor. The house made chips are delicious and if you ask i'm sure they'll bring you some extra dipping sauces like garlic aioli, blue cheese relish and siracha aioli. 

The Jacobson Kansas City

Spring is the perfect time to dine al fresco and this weekend looks to be beautiful, so if you haven't made it down to the Jacobson give it a try! 

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