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KC Finds Friday: The Peanut Wings delivered to your door

If you live in Kansas City you are probably familiar with the Peanut, its Kansas City's oldest bar and grill- like so old that it was a speakeasy during prohibition.  They are known for their awesome bar food and especially the large delicious meaty chicken wings. Locals love these wings and guess what?- everyone can enjoy them because they are now shipping their wings worldwide! I was so lucky to get a box to try and loved them.

These are monsters — finishing a half-order, let alone a full order, can be a challenge because you’re eating both the wing and drumstick. They’re spicy and peppery and the right amount of messy. These are what people miss when they move away from KC.  There's no reason to not ease your craving if you're not in the Kansas City area because the Peanut is now shipping them worldwide! The wings will be shipped vacuum sealed and frozen. The wings along with your dipping sauce and extra wing sauce will be shipped in a cooler with dry ice and they arrive at your door fully cooked and frozen.

It was super easy and fast to heat these babies up in the oven and woof them down.  My husband loved them, I liked them too but I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to heat and these puppies have a kick!

Order your wings HERE and enter coupon code 1266 for 10% off, these would make such a perfect father's day gift or for your father's day dinner! 

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